MA Archeologist Mengistu Gobezei Worku

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MENGISTU GOBEZEI WORKU is a young talented archeologist as well as a priest, born in Yimrihane Kristos in the province of Lasta, Ethiopia, and the son of the earlier administrator of the communal council of this society. Mengistu is today PhD student at Lund University, Faculties of Humanities and Theology in Sweden under the supervision by Professor Samuel Rubenson, Chairman of SCECH, and will within a few years defend a dissertation partly dedicated to his home church Yimrihane Kristos. He has since several years directed his interest towards the issues connected to the Ethiopian history and the Christian cultural heritage and heritage management in his homeland. He has also been lecturing in heritage management at Ethiopian Universities and is the author of the book Yemirhane Kristos: A Bridge between Axum and Lalibela Civilication, published in Addis Ababa 2011. In the same year and in connection to the launching of his book and a campaign in Addis Ababa in order to put the church of Yimrihane Kristos on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites, he made acquaintance with The Society for the Conservation of the Ethiopian Cultural Heritage and its Project Manager Lars Gerdmar, who at the request of the board of SCECH during these days had got the oral permission by the DG of ARCCH, Ato Yonas Desta to start the Pilot project of Conservation and education at the heritage site of Yimrihane Kristos. Since that time Mengistu has been a close friend and ally to SCECH and the contact person for us in Yimrihane Kristos. Besides being this he has assisted us in the organization of the preliminary examination SCECH’s did at this site in 2012 and been the agent between SCECH and Addis Ababa University and a key person for the arrangement of the great follow up workshop: Restore or Lose forever – The Urgent Need for the Conservation of Historical Heritage: The case of Yemerehannä Kristos, held in Addis Ababa 2013. Mengistu Gobezei Worku is also the initiator to the sister organization to SCECH’s in Ethiopia named The Ethiopian Historic Heritage Conservation & Development Association (EHHCDA), with the overall objective: to contribute to the national efforts through conservation, development, and promotion of historic heritage for the benefit of the current and future generations (quote from EHHCDA’s manifest).