The Society
for the Conservation of the
Ethiopian Cultural Heritage

Damage to cultural property belonging to any people whatsoever
means damage to the cultural heritage of all mankind
since each people makes its contribution to the culture of the world
The Hague Convention, 1954


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WELCOME TO SCECH’S WEBSITE opened in order to inform about a project dedicated to the Ethiopian Cultural Heritage, a cultural legacy in accelerating decay, which constitute an important part of the African art and history, as well as of the World Heritage.

Here you will find brief presentations of the members and collaborators of SCECH, as well as of planned activities: conservation, education, research and documentary.

Our Swedish visitors can also read some articles about the preparations for a conservation of the church Debre Selam Mika’el, initially intended to be our first target in Ethiopia. However, this has been postponed and replaced by the Pilot project of the Church and Royal palace of Yimrihane Kristos, which will be the starting point of a planned enlarged project of conservation, research and education in Ethiopia (see menu: Conservation). By following link to the main page you may, by scrolling down to the heading Information about the Yimrihane Kristos project, read several richly illustrated articles related to this project, including an article about rewarding discussions with ARCCH and issued permission, extensive presentations of the preliminary examination done 2012 as well as the follow up workshops, which took place 2013 and 2015: The Yimrihane Kristos project

A database which will contain scientific material of historical, engineering, art historical and religious importance for the project in written and visual form connected to investigations, inventories and planned inter-disciplinary research connected to the Pilot project of conservation and education will later on be opened. The objective of mentioned study is briefly presented on the site Research.

For continuing information about occasions connected to and the development of our project, please see menu: News. During ongoing conservation project in Ethiopia a blog will be opened in order to give continuous information.

Welcome to take part of our project in words and images. Please, find also in the different parts of the presentations several external links to important Swedish and Ethiopian institutions.

A special welcome to all our friends and collaborators in Ethiopia, each and everyone included.

The Board of SCECH


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