Painting restorer Peder Boellingtoft

PEDER BOELLINGTOFT is restorer with expertise in wall painting as well as scholar in the field of painting conservation. He is the founder of Nordisk Konservering I/S, which is one of the leading Scandinavian conservation companies where he has been active since 2004 and was 2010 until 2013 Head of Department for Monumental art, School of Conservation at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Copenhagen, Denmark. At the same University he holds a BSc (1982) and MSc (1992) in Conservation. 1982-2004 he occupied the position of wall painting conservator at the National Museum in Denmark and 2000-2010 as scientific researcher and lecturer at the mentioned University.  As to his international experience could be mentioned: “Wandmalerei-Schäden”, research in medieval wall painting technology for the German Ministry for Research and Technology (1990, 1992), Tibetan wall painting technology and conservation, China (1994, 1995, 1997, 2010-) and research in medieval mortars from the Faroese islands (2011, 2012). Currently he is advisor in a project between the Universities of Copenhagen and Michigan intended to preserve wall paintings in Pharaonic tombs of kings in Sudan. His research areas are wall painting conservation and technology as well as multispectral analysis connected to conservation and he has published several articles within these fields. Since 2010 he is also a member of CATS (Center for Art Technological Studies, The National Gallery of Denmark). As an expert in these fields he has since 2011 been engaged as a collaborator and advisor of SCECH.  He was, in connection to the planned Pilot project of conservation in Yimrihanne Kristos and the preliminary ocular and technical examination which took place here 2012, the one responsible for the taking of random samples of plaster and paintings and has participated in the discussion about a long time programme of conservation, education and research in Ethiopia.     





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