Cleaning tests and measurments

Two kinds of cleaning tests, in well-established techniques, was done on the murals in the northern aisle on places in optimal condition.

A cleaning test made by dry sponge was conducted by the restorer Lars Gerdmar on the upper
part of the north wall in the northern aisle by the restorer Lars Gerdmar. SCECH  ©


The part chosen for the cleaning was the mural depicting the two angels in the motif of the Baptism of Christ in the northern aisle in accordance with the wish from the clergy.

The face of the angel to the right in the baptismal scen appeared after cleaning in the                                 both techniques in a much brighter and colourful way. SCECH  ©


This was done in order to find out how heavy the dirt layers are, how strong these are attached to the painting surface, as well as to be able to calculate time for this part of the conservation. The methods used was on the one hand by cleaning off heavy layers of dust on the other dry cleaning by akabad sponge. A third cleaning technique accomplished by distiled water  mixed with a slight amount of solution has to be done in order to get rid of heavier dirt stuck to the murals.

The restorer Carmen Deas clean off dust layers built up since the 12th century with a brush made
by badger hair on the eastern mural in the northern aisle that made the figures and the colours in
the paintings to appear in a more distinct shape.  SCECH  ©



Laser measurering of buildings and paintings

The whole exterior and interior of the church and the royal palace including all architectural details was measured by laser measuring in order to establish ground plans, cross-sections and 3D drawings (CAD), so called axonometric drawings.

The architect Tadesse Girmay transfering laser measuring data in CAD software after conducted
measuring of the nave.  SCECH  ©


This part of the examination was conducted by the Ethiopian architect Tadesse Girmay in order to present the site and the project in different domestically and internationally connections.

Axonometric section of the nave and the southern aisle by Tadesse Girmay.  SCECH  ©



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