Abbas and deacons active at the medieval church of Debre Selam Mika'el, Wemberta, Ethiopia.

Welcome to this page where you by links may read articles with connection to our project. For the time being you will just find links to some Swedish articles about the Debre Selam Mika’el pilot project. However, these will later on be translated to English. Before that, please take a look at the photographs exposed in these texts, which for instance in the second articles on the preliminary examination 2009 speaks for itself.


Debre Selam Mika’el – ett kulturellt biståndsprojekt

Debre Selam Mika’el – presentation av förundersökning 2009 och
av hur vi under lager av smuts finner en ängel

Debre Selam Mika’el – kort beskrivning av målningar och byggnad


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