Professor Samuel Rubenson

SAMUEL RUBENSON is chairman of SCECH and lived the first 16 years of his life in Ethiopia. He is the son of Professor emeritus Sven Rubenson, a famous scholar of Ethiopian History, who was active as a university teacher and researcher in Ethiopia for more than 30 years. Samuel Rubenson is himself Professor but of Church History at the Centre for Theology and Religion at Lund University, in Sweden as well as an internationally renowned scholar. His field of expertise is the early Christan time in the Middle East, especially the early development of Christian monasticism in the Egyptian desert. In 1995 he published his doctoral thesis: The Letter of Saint Antony: Monasticism and Making of a Saint, which is a study of the letters of this Egyptian monk from the 4th century – the Father of Monasticism – that rethink the conventional idea of early monasticism. He is also an expert in the so-called Orient-al Churches, to which the Ethiopian Church belongs. He has conducted research and published several articles on the history, theology and the liturgical tradition of this ancient and highly eccentric Church, amongst these are articles in the Swedish National Encylopedia. Besides innumerable scientific articles he has written a number of books in the above-mentioned fields as well as edited others. In the context of his presidency of this society Volume 3. in the Acta Æthiopica should be especially mentioned. This is one of a series of books of great importance for Ethiopian studies, and is a publication of original documents belonging to the Ethiopian literary cultural heritage. Read more: Samuel Rubenson. Lund University: CTR



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