Painting restorer Deas

CARMEN DEAS is a Painting Restorer specialized in Occidental and Byzantine wall painting. After five years of upper secondary school in art and design at Nicolae Tonitza High School in Bucharest 1978-82 and finished five years of education 1983-87 at the reputed School of Painting Conservation in Bucharest, run by the Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church of Romania – which is also the country she derives from – she has been active within the field of painting conservation for more than 20 years. She is an experienced and skilful restorer in the broad sense as regards the highly advanced handicraft and artistical judgement involved in the many different disciplines within this profession. She has exstensive knowledge of the various techniques and materials used in painting conservation and innumberable conservation projects behind her, not least as regards uncovering and conservation of medieval Latin and Byzantine wall painting. She has also supervised trainees in painting conservation. Her activities in Sweden has been and still are located in Skåne (the southernmost region), where she to the most part has been engaged in conservation projects focused on ancient profane and Christian art found in public buildings and churches which belong to the Swedish Cultural Heritage. The ancient and specifically the Medieval churches of Skåne with their unique murals, as well as fixtures: painted altar screens, pulpits, sculptures and epitafs belonging to these historical monuments, have been and still is the central field of her activity. Read more: Carmen Deas: Curriculum Vitae


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