Associate professor Sandin

KENNETH SANDIN is an Associate professor at Lund University of Technology, Sweden, Department of building materials. He became a Civil Engineer in 1971, PhD in Technology: building materials 1980 and associate Professor in building technique in 1987. Besides his work as a university lecturer he runs his own practise as a consultant with focus on investigation of damages and counselling. As a scholar specialized in the field of mortar and plaster used in ancient and modern buildings he is, among his colleagues, recognized as the foremost expert in Sweden. Ever since his doctor’s dissertation presented in 1980, named Putsens inverkan på fasadens fuktbalans (The impact of the plaster on the balance of humidity in the frontage), he has been researching within the field of building technique and materials. In his thesis as well as in innuarable reports on various investigations on buildings as regards mortar and plaster, he has analysed how these materials in ancient and modern buildings get on with other building materials and architectural construction, how they cope with climate changes, with ionizated salt in the material as well as external salt, the durability of mortar and plaster and reasons why one method of plastering and one composition of the components in this material is better than the other. In capacity of his long experience as expert in this field he has and still often is consulted as investigator of damages on both contemporary buildings and buildings belonging to the Swedish Cultural Heritage. This counselling also includes the various and often complex issues involved in the analysis of damages on account of projects of conservation and questions from responsible authorities of cultural heritage as well as building- and painting restorers about how to obstruct present and future damages. Read more: Publications at Lund University



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