Building preservationist Jansson

PETTER JANSSON is 1st Building Preservationist at The Regional Museum of Kristianstad in Skåne, Lund, Sweden. This is the regional institution, subordinated to Riksantikvarieämbetet (RAÄ, i.e. the national authority for the Swedish Cultural Heritage), which in Skåne (the southernmost part of the country) have the responsibility for the ancient public houses and churches. As preservationist he is the supervisor and issues permissions for various conservation projects. He also represents RAÄ and the Swedish laws that regulates what is permitted and not as regards cultural heritage. The major part of his activity is dedicated to field work where he visit ancient buildings under control of RAÄ. He has developed a certain skill of communicating issues concerning cultural heritage to persons on the countryside not always aware about the value of this, as well with artisans active in this field. He have expertise in drafting conservation projects as well as of damage inventory, documentation and reporting. With his long experience and deep-going knowledge about ancient building constructions and materials, he greatly contribute to the caretaking and supervising of this unvaluable historical legacy. As an expert in the ancient building monuments of Skåne and in how to take care of these as regards structural stability, treatment of roof/ceiling, walls and plaster and in finding the ultimate ways of preserving the artistical andornment in these ones, his role is significant. He has not least supervised the famous medieval and richly decorated churches of Skåne. Together with painting restorer Lars Gerdmar, he has accomplished a preliminary inventory of the damages to churches from the 6th to 19th century in Ethiopia.


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