Professor Britt-Inger Johansson

BRITT-INGER JOHANSSON is Professor of Art History at Uppsala University, Sweden, Scholar of architectural and urban history as well as ecclesiastical and palace architecture. From 2010 until 2012 she held the post as Research Director of SALT at this University, i.e. Forum for Advanced Studies in Arts, Languages and Theology, which was created in order to facilitate cross disciplinary ventures and internationalization. Since 2012 she is, besides her work as Professor, active as senior adviser to the vice-chancellor for Culture at the same University. She has lectured extensively at Uppsala and Lund University and has also been active in developing education, including education of university teachers in Higher Education Pedagogy and educational program design. In 1997 she presented her doctoral thesis: I tidens stil: Arkitekten Agi Lindegrens liv och verk 1858-1927 (In the style of the time: The Architect Agi Lindegrens life and work 1858-1927). 1998-2000 she participated in the extensive inventory: Sockenkyrkorna. Kulturarv och bebyggelsehistoria (The parish churches. Cultural Heritage and History of Buildings) at Riksantikvarieämbetet in Stockholm (RAÄ, i.e. the national authority for the Cultural Heritage of Sweden). This inventory included hundreds of churches, located in all provinces of Sweden, from the medieval period and the periods 1550-1760, 1760-1860 and 1860-1950 and has been presented in a number of volumes. As a scholar she has also been engaged in the research project: De kungliga slotten (The Royal Castles. i.e. Swedish castles). She has published a number of books and innumerable articles on the mentioned subject as well as edited several scientific anthologies. In recent years she has, as an architectural historian focused her research on the image and the sacred room. She also teaches at Uppsala University. Read more: Britt-inger Johansson. Research DirectorDepartment of Art History, Uppsala University



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