The Society
for the Conservation
of the Ethiopian Cultural Heritage

Presentation of charter, members, collaborators and activities
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Charter, Project concept and
Letter of recommendation by Professor Richard Pankhurst


Board members:

Professor Samuel Rubenson, Chairman
Professor Karl-Gunnar Olsson, Secretary
Accociate professor Inger Lise Syversen
Professor Britt-Inger Johansson
Painting restorer Lars Gerdmar, Project Manager
Professor Johan Mårtelius, KTHCHwB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Working members and consultants:

Painting restorer Helena Nikkanen                                                                    Painting restorer Carmen Deas                                                                                    Painting restorer Peder Boellingtoft
Professor Bo Ossian Lindberg
Associate professor Kenneth Sandin
Building preservationist Petter Jansson
Photographer Bo Wiberg                                                                                Professor Bosse Lagerqvist     

Dr. Jacob Thomas                                                                                              

Annika Magnusson, Secretary General, CHwB
Professor Christer Gustafsson, CHwB

Honourable member:

Professor Richard Pankhurst                                                                                                                          

Information about the Yimrihane Kristos project:

Rewarding interaction with ARCCH and the permission document                   Preliminary examination of Yimrihane Kristos                                                        Report on examination of Yimrihane Kristos                                     Workshop 2013 – Restore or lose forever: presentation, program and abstracts Workshop and consultative meeting in Addis Ababa respective Lalibela 2015  Hands on and graduate education connected to the YK project of conservation  Workshop in Sweden 2016 with guests from Yimrihane Kristos (page in prog.) Cross disciplinary research connected to the Yimrihane Kristos project – The hidden and the forgotten  

The Department of Conservation at Gothenburg University,  Sweden                  The SCECH’s conservation team and a brief project draft

Collaborators in Ethiopia:


                              The cultural and ecclesiastical authorities of Lasta

        The local councils and the people of Yimrihane Kristos 

Authority for Research and Conservation
of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH): General Director, Ato Yonas Desta  

The Ethiopia Tewahedo Orthodox Church:
The Patriarchate

The Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES), Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa University

The Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building construction                          and City development (EiABC)

Agency for Culture and Tourism in Tigrai, Mekele

The Institute of Paleoenvironment and Heritage
Conservation (IPHC): Mekele University

The Woreda Church Office, Atsbi

Responsible priest at location
at the Church of Debre Selam Mika’el 










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